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NEPA Analysis and Reporting:

Through an analysis of location metadata, Walden Creek can identify additional sensitive areas, either onsite, or nearby, which are protected through the National Environmental Policy Act.  When combined with onsite analysis, a determination can be made as to whether the project is likely to impact resources such as Endangered Species or Historic and Cultural Resources.  Walden Creek can also secure concurrence for analysis from state and federal agencies, such as the State Historic Preservation Office, and the Department of Natural Resources.

Wetland Delineations:

A primary step in pre-development is determining if your project will impact Waters of the United States, which fall under EPA jurisdiction, as determined by the US Army Corp of Engineers.  Walden Creek can perform a wetland delineation of the site, no matter how big or small, and identify the jurisdictional areas, as well as provide guidance as to what activities are prohibited in those areas.

CAMA Permits:

Walden Creek can also identify whether your project falls within an Area of Environmental Concern under the Coastal Area Management Act.  If so, we can help secure the necessary permits.

Walden Creek Environmental

Section 404/401 Permits:

If your project will impact jurisdictional areas, Walden Creek can apply for Section 404/401 permits on your behalf, as well as secure mitigation credits through federally approved mitigation banks.